How will my baby learn how to self-soothe in SNOO?

SNOO responds to fussing, but when crying starts, it waits 8-10 seconds before increasing to the next level. That delay gives babies the opportunity to start learning how to self-soothe.

SNOO’s familiar sensations often help babies drift easily from one sleep cycle to the next, only partially waking. As the nights go on, in this half-awake state, babies get practice falling asleep on their own, also known as self-soothing.

SNOO also trains infants to be better sleepers! It helps prevent common sleep disruptions (from teething, colds, growth spurts, sleep regressions, etc.) and even reduces the need for “cry it out” sleep training later on. And, by responding quickly to infants’ cries, SNOO may also help build their sense of trust and confidence (what doctors call “attachment”).

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