How do I transfer ownership of my SNOO?

If you are not the original owner of SNOO, you may receive a message on your SNOO app when trying to connect “This SNOO is already registered to a different account. Please log into that account or contact Customer Support “.  

 As a part of our security process, all reset request must be received in writing from the email address associated with the SNOO. Be sure to include the following information.

  1. Your Name (first and last):
  2. SNOO Email Address:
  3. SNOO Serial Number:
  4. Reason for request:

This information should be emailed to  with the subject "SNOO Reset Request

Please note that the limited warranty is not transferable. Please be sure to review our Limited Warranty on our website for further details.


If we can be of additional assistance, you may contact us via our toll-free number (855) 424-6323 or you may email us at


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