How do I use SNOO?

It’s easy.  Just follow the steps below:

  • Swaddle your baby in the SNOO sack.    
    (SNOO Sack tips: When you lay your baby on top of the sleep sack to swaddle her, place her down with her shoulders 2-3” higher than the top of the sleep sack your baby’s shoulders. Next, snuggly secure the inner Velcro band (make sure it is covering a good part of her hands) And, lastly, pull material at top of sack up and over the shoulders and zip the sack completely. The top closure should now be well below your child’s neck. Watch tutorial here.
  1. Now, slide loops on the ends of the SNOO Sack wings over the safety clips on either side of the bed’s platform.
  2. Press the activity button on the front of SNOO. (The activity button light will blink white for about a minute as the bed is ‘booting up.’ The light will then turn to solid white. Push again and the light will turn blue and SNOO will begin making moving and making sound. (If the light continues to blink white and SNOO does not start, make sure the SNOO sack wing loops are completely slipped onto both safety clips.)
  3. If your baby is crying, SNOO will soon begin to increase the vigor of its response. If the crying continues, SNOO will move through 4 levels of increasing sound/motion, until your baby either calms or SNOO times out (which occurs after a couple of minutes of continued crying).
  4. You can also increase the level of sound/motion by either pushing the activity button in for several seconds… until the button changes color. SNOO will go up to the next level. This can be repeated until SNOO reaches the 4th and highest level (orange). You can also increase the level of your SNOO using the SNOO Mobile App.
  5. To reduce the level of activity, simply decrease the level with the SNOO Mobile App. Or, manually, you can push the activity button once – to stop SNOO – and then push it in again to restart and keep pressing and holding the button to advance to the level you desire. Or, simply wait and SNOO will reduce its level – step by step - over the next 5-10 minutes.
  6. To stop all sound/motion, simply push the activity button one time.
  7. Note: Many times, your baby will continue crying, even after SNOO goes to the highest level of sound and motion. In this case, SNOO automatically stops after a couple of minutes., allowing you to tend to your baby and provide a feeding, a diaper change, a cuddle or whatever is needed.

However, SNOO usually calms fussing within 40-60 seconds. So, if your baby cries for longer than a minute you can assume she needs you and turn the bed off.  You DO NOT need to wait for the bed to stop itself!


SNOO is in Baseline Mode
SNOO is in level 1
   SNOO is in level 2
  SNOO is in level 3
   SNOO is in level 4
 SNOO Action Stopped (still crying)
 Safety clips not engaged correctly
  Ready mode




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