My baby is a preemie. How will SNOO respond to my infant?

SNOO has a special feature, just for preemies! With the Mobile App, you’ll be able to restrict SNOO’s motion to the first 2 levels, until your child’s original due date is reached.

To engage the Preemie feature, go to the “My Baby” tab in the App’s settings and toggle the “Preemie” button to let SNOO know your baby was born prematurely. Then enter the number of weeks your baby is premature and begin using your SNOO. The Motion Limiter will automatically engage. White noise will cycle through all levels to soothe your baby, but SNOO’s motion will not move past level 2.

On your baby’s original due date, we will notify you that it’s time to turn off the Preemie feature. Once you do, your baby can enjoy the soothing motion of all SNOO levels.

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