How do I begin using the Mobile App?

Visit the “Setting Up Your SNOO” Screen.

Here, you can watch a tutorial video or select “Get Started” if you’re ready to go.



The SNOO ID is 16-digit number unique to your SNOO device and is located in two places:

  1. Label underneath your SNOO.
  2. On the SNOO warranty card.

 To enter the SNOO ID, use the App scanner to scan your SNOO label underneath SNOO and the App will automatically populate the ID for you. Alternatively, you can choose to manually enter the last four digits of the SNOO ID found on the warranty card.

Connect your Mobile Device to SNOO’s Wi-Fi Network  

Next, you’ll pair your mobile device with SNOO’s wireless network.

The “Connect to SNOO” screen will provide you with a unique password to connect to your SNOO. It should look something like this: “snoo9876”. The four digits in the password are the last four digits of your SNOO’s unique ID. If you own more than one SNOO, make sure to match these digits to connect to the right SNOO. 

Write or remember this password and navigate out of the SNOO App to your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings.  Find your SNOO’s wireless network. It should look something like this: “SNOO_1234”. Select the SNOO’s wireless network to connect.

If you cannot see the network, make sure your SNOO is on and the activity button is a steady, glowing white. And try again.

After you’ve confirmed your device is connected to the SNOO’s wireless network, enter the password that was provided to you on the “Connect to SNOO” screen. Remember, it should look something like this: “snoo9876”.

After you’ve entered the password for your SNOO, return to the SNOO App. If you’ve successfully connected to your SNOO’s wireless network with your mobile device, the App will let you know.

Next, we’ll connect your mobile device back to your previous Wi-Fi network, the one you use to connect to the internet. The SNOO App will ask you for your wireless network name and password.  Make sure there are no spaces or special characters in your WIFI name or password. Confirm your wireless network information in the App and allow up to 2 minutes for your SNOO to finish setup.

Once a connection is established, you’ll get a confirmation and be ready to use the SNOO App with your SNOO!

If you’re experiencing any issues pairing your SNOO and mobile device, please visit our troubleshooting articles or contact HBI Customer Support.

Remember, you can use multiple devices to connect to the same SNOO, so long as you use the same email to log in.  

If you’re having issues pairing your Android mobile device to SNOO, try turning off cellular service before starting the pairing process.

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