What is Motion Limiter?

There are several ways you can customize SNOO to your baby’s preferences…and your own. One parent favorite is our “Motion Limiter” setting.  It’s most often used for preemies and babies under a month old—when higher levels of motion are usually not needed—and for babies who love swaddling, sound and gentle rocking, but don’t seem to calm with faster, jiggly motions.

When your baby cries and  Motion Limiter is on, SNOO’s sound increases all the way to Level 4, but SNOO's motion is prevented from going higher than Level 2. You will still see the activity light change as the SNOO sound increases but the motion will not increase past level 2.

To turn on Motion Limiter, simply go to Settings > My SNOO and toggle on the Motion Limiter. Please make sure you have the latest version of the SNOO Mobile App in order to use this feature. 


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