My baby doesn’t like to be swaddled. Can you offer advice?

Your baby may resist swaddling at first, so it may look like she hates it. But babies don’t need freedom…they need the feeling of security they had in the womb.

 Swaddling is the first step to calming—but it’s important that you don’t stop there, especially if your infants fights the swaddle. After you secure your little one in the SNOO Sack, if she’s very upset, you may like to hold and calm her yourself before placing her in SNOO. To do so, you’ll want to  layer in other womb-mimicking steps—Shushing, Side/Stomach position, Swinging and Sucking…which, along with Swaddling, make up the 5 S’s. Dr. Karp recommends first rotating your swaddled baby to her side, then putting your lips just a couple of inches away from your baby’s ear and making a long, loud, drawn-out “Shhhhh” sound. She may calm just with those two steps. If not, add in the “Jello-Head” jiggle motion described in this article  and add a pacifier (if you’re nursing, wait to try a paci until after breastfeeding is well established.

When she’s soothed (or if you’re struggling to calm her crying), you can lay her down in SNOO. Our sleeper uses the same steps—swaddling, jiggly motion and white noise— to soothe your baby. SNOO is specially designed to respond cries with just the right amount of sensation she needs to settle and often calms crying within a minute or less.

 Be sure to stick with the swaddling even if it’s a challenge at first—in a few days your baby will become accustomed to it, and fuss less and less.

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