My baby doesn’t like to be swaddled. Can you offer advice?

It's common for new babies to resist swaddling. It can make you think, My baby hates to be wrapped! Of course, you would probably hate to be swaddled, but adults would also hate living in a womb for 9 months or drinking milk for every meal. It’s a mistake to think your baby wants the same things you do! Our advice is to stick with it, and your baby will soon give up the fight against swaddling.

Remember, babies don’t need freedom, they need to feel snug and secure…like in the womb. That why parents all around the world use swaddling to help their babies sleep.

After you secure your little one in the SNOO Sack, hold and calm her (or even lull her to sleep) before placing her in SNOO. Babies who resist swaddling often do best if you immediately boost SNOO’s activity (to the purple or greenlevel..or higher)…and then just let it gradually reduce to baseline (blue) over the next 15 minutes. The snug feeling of  the SNOO Sack will keep your baby calmer and sleeping longer!

A few more things to note:

  • Swaddle arms down: When your baby is awake, it’s fine to keep the arms out (or swaddled with arms bent up), but during sleep that will lead to more startles and accidental whacks to the face…and more waking.
  • Try locking SNOO on Purple or Green: Some babies do well when SNOO’s level is increased, but then start resisting again or waking when the bed returns to blue. You lock your SNOO on the purple or green level to help a more restless baby wake less often…for naps and nights. Learn more
  • Swaddling on its own isn’t meant to soothe crying: It’s meant to be the first step in the 5 S’s (Learn More Here)  to control random arm movements so your baby can then focus on the other S’s that will do the calming. (You may find it helpful to watch the Happiest Baby streaming video to learn how to master the 5 S’s.)
  • Make sure your baby is snug in the SNOO Sack: If your little Houdini’s arms sneak out of the inner bands or bend up at the elbow, that can affect sleep. Please click here to learn how to keep the arms down and securely wrapped.


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