How do I keep my baby’s arms from coming out of the SNOO sack or Sleepea?


It can be easier for a naked baby to Houdini their arms out of the swaddle. A long sleeve shirt or onesie can often help solve this problem! If that doesn't work, please try the suggestion below.

 Follow the steps below for keeping your baby snugly swaddled. Doing so will improve sleep!


First, lay your baby down on a folded thin blanket or cloth diaper, with the SNOO Sack laid beneath her (unzipped).


Then, fold one side of the blanket over your baby's arm and underneath her body.


Repeat on the other side.

Now, the blanket secures both of your baby’s arms down. Pull the SNOO Sack’s bands across the chest, keeping your baby's arms straight at the sides. Make sure the band is snug and down over ½ of the hands (watch our video tutorial to see this in action).

Lift the bottom of the SNOO Sack up and around her feet and zip the zipper all the way to the top. Your baby is now snugly in her sack and ready to be placed in her SNOO!


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