Does SNOO keep a hungry baby asleep? Could it interfere with a baby gaining weight?

No, SNOO comforts fussing when a baby is tired, but does not settle the cries of real hunger or discomfort. Be sure to wake and feed your infant per your doctor’s recommendations, until she has regained her birth weight.

If my baby continues to cry, should I allow SNOO to keep going until it times out?

When your baby cries, every 1 seconds SNOO will increase to gradually higher level of soothing sound/motion. In fact, many parents, increase the levels of SNOO manually (by pushing the button on with the app) to calm their baby more quickly. 

After the bed reaches the 4th and highest (orange) level, if the crying does not stop, the top level will continue for a couple of minutes and then stop (‘time out’).

However, most parents notice that SNOO usually calms fussing within 40-60 seconds. So, if your baby is crying longer than a minute you can assume she needs you and turn the bed off.

You DO NOT need to wait for the bed to stop itself!

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