How do I use the SNOO Sack? (Video Tutorial)

Follow 3 simple steps to put your baby in the SNOO Sack correctly.

  1. Unzip and open inner bands.
  2. Lay your baby on top of the sleep sack with her shoulders 2-3” higher than the top of the sleep sack.
  3. Snuggly secure the inner Velcro band (making sure it is covering a good part of her hands).
  4. Pull material at top of sack up and over the shoulders and zip the sack completely. (The top closure should now be well below your child’s neck.) 

Now, place baby in SNOO, positioning the feet at the end nearest to the power button. Slide each elastic wing loop all the way onto each safety clip.

You’re all set! Enjoy using SNOO.


  • It is only safe to use the SNOO Sack with the zipper fully closed at the top
  • To keep your infant’s arms from popping out from the inner bad, make sure the bands’ lower edge covers most of your baby’s hand.
  • SNOO will not turn on unless the elastic wing loops are slid onto both safety clips. 

Check out the following video tutorial for more information:


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