On the highest speed, my baby’s head jiggles more than I expected. Is this safe? (Video Tutorial)

Yes, the amount of motion on SNOO’s highest level—and on all levels—is perfectly safe.

Not only is it safe, but many babies require a fast jiggle to turn on their Calming Reflex. This is why doctors recommend parents bounce on an exercise ball or go on a bumpy car ride with their infant—these motions mimic what your baby experienced in the womb! SNOO is just another method of this kind for soothing babies.

The SNOO platform only moves 0.25 inches back and forth, a small, safe amount that imitates the amount of motion babies experience inside when the mom is going up and down the stair, rushing to the bus or in an exercise class. It is also like the jiggly motion of a baby’s head in the car - on a bumpy road - or being jiggled in a stroller.

Check out the following video tutorial for more information: 

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