How do I use the Sleepea?

It’s easy:

  1.     Unzip…then spread open the inner bands.
  2.     Lay baby down…shoulders 2-3” higher than the top of the sack.
  3.     Snugly Velcro closed the inner bands (place the bands low, to cover most of the hands).
  4.     Grab the material at top of the sack up and snug it around the shoulders.
  5.     Zip completely…top and bottom. (The neckline should be well below your child’s chin.)

You’re all set!


Be safe: Only use Sleepea with the zipper fully closed… top and bottom.

Sleepea is not for use in SNOO Smart Sleeper. Only the SNOO Sack is approved for use in SNOO.

Are your baby’s arms sneaking out? Snug the bands and have them cover most of the hands.

Can your baby roll back to the front? Don’t swaddle unless the arms are released (out the armholes present on all Small, Medium, and Large sleep sacks).

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