What if my baby doesn’t like to have the arms straight?

Babies usually sleep longest and best when their arms are straight down at the sides. (In the womb, their arms are bent at the elbow, but within a week or two, the arms relax and naturally become straighter.)

Even babies who resist swaddling sleep better when snugly wrapped and serenaded with rumbly white noise (like the special, womb-like Happiest Baby sounds).

If your baby’s arms can sneak out of the inner bands or bend up at the elbows…she is more likely to accidentally startle and wake more often. If that’s happening, click here for some easy ways to keep your little Houdini secured.

Older babies (usually around 4-5 months) have more coordination and can sleep well with one or both hands free (that’s why we have arms holes in medium and large Sleepeas).

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