What does the SNOO log tell me about my baby's sleep?

At the bottom of each log for a given 24 hour cycle you will see the the total sleep, naps and the longest sleep stretch. Let US explain a bit more...

Total Sleep = The total sleep for each 24 cycle.

You can set your 24 hour cycle to start and end when you prefer. The default setting for daytime hours is 7am to 7pm, then 7pm to 7am the next day for nighttime hours. To change the start time from the default start time of 7AM, follow the steps below:

  • Select My SNOO from the main menu
  • Select My SNOO
  • Tap the time listed for SNOO Log Start Time.


Longest Sleep = The longest stretch of sleep that occurs overnight based on the 24 hour settings your SNOO Log is set to.

Naps = The number of Naps occurring during daytime hours. Any SNOO sessions that occur during the daytime hours and are over 10 minutes long will be counted as Naps. 

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