How does the SNOO App track my baby's sleep?

The Sleep Log is a report in the SNOO App that maps out your little one’s sleep sessions in SNOO. Each log for a given 24-hour cycle you will see the total sleep, naps and the longest sleep stretch.

You can set your 24-hour cycle to start and end when you prefer. The default setting for daytime hours is 7 am to 7 pm, then 7 pm to 7 am the next day for nighttime hours. To change the start time from the default start time of 7 AM, follow the steps below:

  1. Select Settings from the Main Menu
  2. Select My SNOO
  3. Tap the time listed for SNOO Log Start Time.

The log displays sessions inside SNOO in a U-shaped diagram. The colors on the diagram indicate:

  • White = SNOO is off or not in session
  • Light Blue = SNOO is running and on the baseline level
  • Red = SNOO is on a higher level soothing your baby
  • Dark Blue = Upcoming session hours 

The longest sleep stretch you see at the bottom of the page indicates the longest session of light blue sleep inside SNOO. The total sleep indicator lets parents know the total amount of light blue sleep inside SNOO!

On the Trends page, the Sleep Data collect will provide measurements on average sleep time, pickups from SNOO, and the average night versus day sleep!

If you have any trouble navigating through the Sleep Log page, please give our Customer Care team a call at 855.424.6323. They are always here to help.


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