If my baby needs a little more motion/sound to sleep well, can I change the level SNOO starts on (baseline)?

Yes! It’s easy to increase SNOO's baseline with the App!

Most babies sleep great on SNOO's normal baseline level (blue), but many sleep better with a bit more motion + sound…all night long.  

For example, a baby’s sleep may be disturbed by a little cold, growth spurt, teething, etc. In those cases, increasing the baseline to Level 1 (purple) or Level 2 (green) all night for a few weeks can often get the baby back into a better sleeping pattern. In those cases, the blue level may be too gentle and slow...to distract an infant from the sensation of a stuffy nose or mild hunger.

Frequently, babies go through a major sleep regression at 3-4 months of age. It is a time when infants become much more social—nosey!—and interested in the world. They may wake up and cry out every few hours just to play or to have a little company. Increasing the baseline for a few weeks can often help guide them back to a better sleeping pattern.

To up the baseline motion + sound, go to Main Menu, then Settings, then My SNOO and tap SNOO Starts On. Then pick Level 1 (purple) or Level 2 (green) and tap the arrow in the top left corner once you've selected your setting.



Note: The bed will start at the chosen level. In addition, the bed will still respond to crying with increasing levels. Once the baby calms, SNOO will return to the new starting level you chose.

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