Can I change SNOO's baseline level?

Yes! Changing the baseline can be beneficial to babies who prefer more motion or for babies who were sleeping well but are suddenly waking more.

By 2-4 months of age, your baby may become much more social. If he wakes during the light sleep part of the cycle at 3am, he may call for you to keep him company or even to play. For such alert, playful babies, SNOO’s blue baseline level may be too gentle and slow…too “boring!” They prefer a bit louder shushing and more jiggly rocking to keep them asleep. 

You can now set baseline activity to level 1 (purple) or level 2 (green). After SNOO soothes your baby, it will return to whatever level you have set as the baseline.

From the Main Menu select My SNOO. Tap SNOO Starts on Baseline. Then select the level you would like to set as baseline. Tap the arrow in the top left corner once you have selected your setting.

Of course, you can keep your SNOO baseline at (blue) if your baby is sleeping well on that setting.


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