How do I use the Change Baseline feature?

Most babies sleep great on SNOO's normal baseline level (blue), but many sleep better with a bit more motion + sound…all night long. That’s why Change Baseline is a parent favorite feature!

For example, a baby’s sleep may be disturbed by a little cold, growth spurt, teething, etc. In those cases, increasing the baseline to Level 1 (purple) or Level 2 (green) all night for a few weeks can often get the baby back into a better sleep pattern. The blue level may be too gentle and distract an infant from the sensation of a stuffy nose or mild hunger.

Frequently, babies go through a major sleep regression at 3-4 months of age. It is a time when infants become much more social—nosey!—and interested in the world. They may wake up and cry out every few hours just to play or to have a little company. Increasing the baseline for a few weeks can often help guide them back to a better sleep pattern.

To increase the baseline motion + sound, go to Main Menu > Settings > My SNOO and tap SNOO Starts On Baseline. Then pick Level 1 (purple) or Level 2 (green). Now when you begin a session in SNOO, it will automatically start on the higher level of your choosing.




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