What if my baby won’t fall asleep in SNOO?

Do you have trouble getting your little one to initially fall asleep in SNOO? Here are a couple of top tricks that may help.

  1. Try swaddling in the SNOO sack before bedtime feeding.

Babies get very sleepy right after a feeding (like we all do)! They can sometimes be roused a bit when being swaddled and placed in SNOO. It can help to swaddle your baby before feeding. This will prevent them from being roused during the swaddling process and can also create positive associations with being swaddled.

  1. Level SNOO up temporarily when you first place your baby in SNOO.

The extra motion can help soothe your baby to sleep. You can level SNOO up by holding the activity button on the front of SNOO or using the app. SNOO will slowly level back down to baseline.

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