How does Happiest Baby ensure that the SNOOs are bed-bug free?

Your family’s health and safety are our top priorities! That’s why every SNOO rental undergoes a rigorous 5-step process (thoroughly inspected, cleaned, sanitized, refreshed and certified) to ensure that your SNOO functions perfectly, is fully sanitized and, of course, is 100% bug-free.

In addition, your SNOO comes with totally new soft goods - just for your baby, including an organic cotton sheet, 3 award-winning swaddles (small, medium, large), a new mattress and a water-resistant mattress cover.  And to show our appreciation, all of those are yours to keep, even if you only rent for 1-month!

When it comes to bed bugs, each SNOO undergoes a high-pressure, super-heated steam cleaning to sanitize the inner and outer mesh (the steam is lethal to insects and bacteria). The steaming is followed by a comprehensive disinfection using Cavicide and hydrogen peroxide to thoroughly clean all SNOO surfaces, including the platform, underside, mesh, activity button, power adapter, legs, feet and cords. (Both disinfectants are used by hospitals and NICUs to eradicate bacteria and viruses.)

Our promise is that your rental will arrive at your home with all new bedding, in excellent condition.

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