Which SNOO App features do parents love the most?

The SNOO app makes your SNOO experience even more fun!

  • It lets you customize SNOO to your baby’s preferences…for less crying and more sleep!
  • You can control SNOO (and take a peek at how your baby is sleeping) from anywhere.
  • When your baby’s sleep hits a rough patch, you can boost the motion/sound to quickly get your baby back on track. (Contact our sleep consultants at customercare@happiestbaby.com for more tips. We’re here to help…7 days a week!)

If you don’t have the app already, download it today from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®.

Here’s a rundown of our most popular features (click on any link to learn more):

Motion Limiter – For babies who don’t need/like too much jiggling.

Most newborns don’t need much motion. So, we recommend trying the first month with the motion limiter setting on. (It allows SNOO to respond to cries with increasing sound—all the way to the max level, if needed—but limits motion to just moderate rocking.)

Preemie – Gives gentler rocking to tiny babies.

When you toggle on the Preemie setting in the “My Baby” section, that turns on the Motion Limiter, blocking the higher levels of jiggle. Once your baby reaches his/her due date,  SNOO sends a notification to toggle the Motion Limiter off.

Level Lock – Improves sleep if your baby wakes too often.

Baby sleep is a rollercoaster! Better for a few weeks, then zooming down into chaos when your baby struggles with a cold, teething, growth spurt or sleep regression. Parents are often told to take the baby for a car ride, but locking does the same thing, without you ever leaving your bed. Turn on SNOO, raise it to purple (level 1) or green (level 2) then touch the pause button on the phone’s screen for 5 seconds. A little lock icon will appear on the screen and the bed will stay at that speed until you change it.

Response – Makes SNOO more responsive to soft cries or less responsive to Loud grunts .

It allows bed to respond faster to soft cries or delay a bit if the baby is grunting, but not crying.

Sleep Log – Automatically tracks and diagrams your baby’s 24/7 sleep.

You’ll love this cool, daily sleep display. Fun to share!

Weaning – The easy way to help your baby transition to a crib.

This setting lets sound continue all night—but only allows motion if the baby cries—to help your baby prepare to move to a crib. Most babies are ready to start weaning off of the rocking by 5-6 months.

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